You need an iPhone

Yes, it has been over a month without any commentary, but if you had an iPhone you would understand.

We recently purchased an iPhone at the Apple Store along with the Jawbone bluetooth headset and the Apple TV out adapter(composite).from

A call was made to T-mobile earlier to upgrade to the t-zone plan for internet access ($4.99/month).

After purchasing the iPhone and using a program called ZiPhone to unlock it we had the unit ready for use with T-mobile in about 10 minutes.

Now, with the phone unlocked and jailbroken we are able to swap out the sim chip using a paperclip to open up the top of the phone.

With the T-mobile chip in the phone works great! We were able to sync up the contact list in Microsoft Outlook using iTunes. Of course the phone is merely one feature of the iPhone.

Now, with the program "Installer" which is available after the Jailbreak, you are able to install applications on the fly. Initially installing OpenSSH, Services, and Respring seem to make the best initial choices.

For a cell phone, media player, and internet device it is highly recommended.