Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, MCE 2005 – Add-on Application that removes commercials for free

For the most part we have enjoyed using our MCE 2005 PC as a TIVO-like device for nearly a year. This was very easy to set up. We understand the phrase "Very easy" is thrown around quite a bit, and usually means nothing to most people. But for those of you who have tried using Freevo, MythTV, or even KnoppMyth - you will find yourself watching TV a lot sooner.

It has a lot of nifty features available to it. The most useful being the addition of a second tuner for recording simultaneous shows, our test PC utilizes two Wintv-pvr 150 Mce. Also TV tonic( ) is a great addition for downloading various internet programming such as Revision 3 shows and various others. Also, for those people with interest in pop culture cable channels, the online versions of MTV, VH1, and Comedy Central are available through Online Spotlight.

The downside of MCE 2005 in our experience is that it does lock up seemingly randomly from time to time, we have both experienced similar trouble when switching from live TV to a recorded program. The sound starts, but the video goes black, the sound stops... Which then requires the usual walk across the room and reboot it. Other than that, it has been a great edition to the living room media center.

Here are some must have Add-on Applications for MCE 2005,

DVRMSToolbox, - Used for removing commercials from your recorded shows

TV Tonic - As mentioned earlier, this allows for web programming

MCEweather - Just what it looks like, weather forecasts for MCE 2005

There are a variety of add-on applications available for MCE 2005, another nice feature over TIVO. For a better list check out Ben's House at