Windows 7 Review: It’s better than XP and Vista


Windows XP has been apart of our lives for a while now.  Many people will probably still be reading this review using Windows XP.

Is there any reason to upgrade to Windows 7?  Windows XP was created to provide more security and stability - and Windows 7 appears to be about expanding on those same features as well as the user experience.

We skipped over Windows Vista after using the beta, it seemed very sluggish for just navigating around the operating system.  To us(and many others) it appeared that Vista would be the new "Millenium Edition" Windows.

More recently, Windows 7 became the hot new Windows operating system to have and we got our hands on the Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

So how does it compare?  The interface is very similar to Windows Vista, expect the same start menu and themes and overall look, but a much snappier experience.

The organization of the start menu and task bar are really quite enjoyable - you now have the ability to move items around at will as opposed to using the "quick launch" bar in XP for stuff you really want and letting the programs fall in order of execution from left to right in the task pane.

They really did a nice job with "neat-o" features like Windows Shake for selecting the current application and viewing/minimizing various applications almost becomes fun the way they let you perform the tasks.

Drivers: Vista is excellent at scouring the harddrive for drivers and Windows 7 is the same - some of the problems still remain with finding compatible drivers.

While Windows 7 had no problem detecting our Video card and primary network card - our Linksys WMP54G wireless card and Visioneer scanner did not make the transition.  We were able to use the Windows XP drivers for the Linksys Wireless adapter - but the scanner remains unusable.

But as this Operating System just came out fairly recently, we expect this sort of thing and expect companies such as Visioneer to provide us that one last driver for our 5+ year old product.

Performance: Speed is excellent - we like to compare it to Windows XP only it looks and acts better.  Transitions are smoother and normal tasks seem to move quicker(such as bringing up Internet Explorer.)

We have yet to experience a problem with a piece of software.  All of our XP software has performed well on Windows 7 so far.  Another network device we have had trouble with is our Buffalotech Linkstation.  For some reason, Windows 7 is unable to login and browse this device.  While windows XP is able to login and browse directories without a problem - at this point it definitely appears to be Windows issue.

Overall, we expect Windows 7 to be the new Windows XP, it provides excellent features and a more solid platform - and we look forward to more driver support!