Wii Motion Plus Review: Buy it!

The Wii Motion Plus is on store shelves and multiple games have been released.  

 After playing both Wii Sports Resort and Tiger Woods 2010, the short review: this is a must have add-on for the Wii.

 Price: $20 per motion plus add-on

While the extra $2o dollars per controller does seem a little much for such a small device, buying the packaged games ($60)  does help offset the cost enough.

Experience:  Wow!This is a really great toy.  Wii Sports Resort highlights all the Wii Motion Plus features with more mini games and a couple of original Wii Sports title.   After the initial shock of the 1:1 motion mapping you really get to play some fun games, from sword play to frisbee toss(frisbee golf) and ping pong - all of the available games are very well put together.  Ping pong lets you tilt and flip your paddle, add spin, and occasionally slam your opponent in the face with the ball.  The only thing missing from Wii Sports is online multiplayer - but for all that it offers we forgive it.

Tiger Woods 2010 offers its own selection of mini games(frisbee golf for one), however the main focus is the golf.  The Wii Motion Plus is welome addition to the game.  Now you can add draws and fades to the end of you swing.  Also, your golf drives/chipping/putting receive a big upgrade with the addition of the motion detection.  A huge plus is the online play that offers tournaments and friend play.We recommend both of these titles - especially as packaged units to get the included Wii Motion Plus add-ons.  Some retailers are offering special discounts for buying either of these games. (ie, Toy R Us is offering $10 gift cards for the purchase of Wii Resport) - which again can help offset the cost.