Wi-Fi Hot Spot for AT&T iPhone: It works… Slowly


Shortly after Verizon release their iPhone featuring a built-in Wi-Fi access point, AT&T announced their version of the iPhone also is capable of sharing Internet via a built-in wi-fi access point.

In order to use the feature on AT&T's iPhone 4 you will need to have Version 4.3.3 iOS

In addition, you will need to either call AT&T (611) or use the website.  Note that as of this writing the phone states it could not be enabled from the Phone itself without either of these two options.

Bandwidth Capture from Ipad

To upgrade to this feature on AT&T's website you will need to login to your account and go to Manage Features and add the iPhone 3G Tethering Feature "DataPro 4GB for iPhone" option for $45.  This will replace your 200MB($15) or 2GB($25) iPhone data plan.

Performance seems unusually sluggish - much worse than anything we have seen on the iPhone 4 itself.  However, you do get internet access for wi-fi capable devices such as the iPad in our test.  Even though we need to wait a bit longer for content, it is still better than no content at all.