Unable to browse to Buffalo Linkstation in Windows 7


After installing Windows 7, you may have noticed that your existing linkstation is no longer browseable.  This is based on your user configuration of the Buffalo Linkstation.

To allow Windows 7 to freely access the Linkstation using explorer or mapping a drive, simply remove the user(s) setup under the Security settings.

NOTE:  This will prevent FTP users from connecting(unless you have anonymous FTP setup).


Log into the administrative webpage of your Linkstation (http://<linkstation name or ip address>

Then click on the Security Button on the left side of the screen

Next, click on User Setup, then simply remove any users.

Now, you will no longer need a password from any other workstations (XP or otherwise) to access your buffalo shares.

If you're still interested in FTP, we recommend running your own FTP server such as Filezilla.  You can configure your users and simply add the Linkstation as the home directory.