Spotify US Review: It’s the new Napster


Being able to search for almost anything and have it play instantly is very very nice. (Although we are still unable to find the elusive The K.G.B.). The usability to find most artists and songs and play them in full and instantly without a upfront fee is very likened to Napster in late 1999, only Spotify is LEGAL. It's like Pandora with direction. It's a very neat concept that allows for premium payment plans to further functionality(unlimited music, taking music with you, no ads).

Once you have a login (Currently this is available through invitations only), you need to download the software client. This software feels very familiar, it's look and interface are very similar to iTunes (Preferences are even under the Edit Menu). It will even bring in your local music into the application for playing and you can create playlists using your existing content and new music you find through search.

Searching for artists and songs is quick and easy to play. You can also "star" albums or just songs to put them into a favorites list for easily recalling them later.

Although you can simply search for a song and play it or queue it up next. There are plenty of options to share what your listening to on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Messenger. The focus of the application seems to be creating playlists and sharing them.

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Stop listening to those iTunes and Amazon previews and try it out!

Bandwidth usage for a typical song (using 10Mbps DSL)