Software KVM with Synergy


Who needs Synergy?  The purpose is to provide seamless KVM switching between multiple computer systems.  Normally this means having two or more displays.  The benefit is one keyboard and mouse to control them all your systems and the application also has support for sharing a clipboard between workstations - all of this works over your home/business network.

This is meant for users that have multiple systems and displays at their desk.  Our setup consists of two Windows workstations each with its own monitor.

First step is to download the application.

Once you have the application, the installation is straight forward.

Setting up the application is where things get a little tricky.  Basically, you have one of the PCs act as a server for Synergy and the others as a client.  In our case we have a Windows 7 workstation and a Windows XP netbook.

We begin by deciding which computer is going to have the mouse and keyboard hooked up to it.  We decided on the Windows 7 workstation.

Once we start up Synergy we Click on the Advanced button in the Options selection(lower third of the application).

Here is where you setup the Screen Name, for our example we will use 'windows7' for the server and 'netbook' for the client.

Now that we have configured the Screen Names of both PCs, on the server - select the 2nd radio button option for "Share this computer's keyboard and mouse (server)".  Click the configure button.

Here is where you setup your screen links.  Add the screens you plan to use in the 'Screens:' window using the plus sign.  Down below you will put the order of the screens - you can see for this example it takes two entries - if you had more workstations and displays if may be more complex.


Once you've gotten your screen layout.  You can press Start on the Server first.  We recommend running a debug log for the first run just to ensure the workstations are connecting(there may be firewall issues or IP address mix-ups).  Ensure the client PC is set in the Client mode using the first radio button and press the Start button.

Now you have Synergy!