Sharepoint Calendar events as Outlook Reminders? Not really.

With more and more companies switching to this easy-to-use and share Microsoft product, more specific questions are being asked.

A fairly common one is now that we have this shared calendar for the office, "Can we setup alert to remind everyone about important events in Outlook."

The short answer is no, you cannot.

There are a few workaround floating around, for personal reminders you can edit events you created in Sharepoint within Outlook to add the Reminder. But again, this will only create a reminder for yourself.

For group options an interesting workaround involves setting up an RSS feed and then using Outlook's Rules and Alerts options to filter RSS additions to be viewed in your Outlook Reminder window, giving a similar appearance to personal calendar reminders.

Of course, this could get pretty tedious for a large office, but for smaller groups, this may be workable.

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