Quick fix: stop NordicTrack BEEPing


New year resolutions sounded great until you heard the sound of your new NordicTrack elliptical es5i scraping on your eardrums?

We know exactly what you mean. It appears this excessive beeping is by design. Some SD cards(ifit) have been said to calm the beeping down. But we wanted silence without having to buy something extra.

Take out the batteries at the bottom of the unit.

On the back of the control unit there are six black screws that hold the two plastic handle pieces together.

Once the screws are out you should be able to separate the halves. With the circuit board and wires exposed you should be able to find a two wire connector towards the bottom of the board. The connector will be white and the wires will be black and red. Simply disconnect this cable, labeled "right" on the board - as there is only a right speaker(mono). Note: in the picture the connector is at the top. "Left" on the board has no connector or port to connect anything.

Enjoy the silence.

Note: this also removes the "mp3 input jack sound - but its just a single crummy speaker anyway. ;-)