Quick fix – stop multitasking on iPhone 4


With the release of iOS 4 on the new iPhone came multitasking. A much delayed feature on the iPhone to ensure it was 'done right'.

Now that we've had a chance to use it for the last few weeks, we noticed immediately it's not conventional multitasking. Some programs react differently to it. Pandora goes away but still streams music. Twitter goes away to the background but doesn't refresh until you relaunch it. Games don't continue to run, if supported they will 'freeze' in the same place, until your return. Apps that don't support multitasking still load on every launch.

It's better with its version of multitg than without any.

We've noticed that Skype seems to drain the battery quite a bit. To the point that a few hours can bring your iPhone battery to 50% capacity.

If this happens to you, rather than rebooting your phone. Double tap the home button. With your multitasking view up - hold your finger on an app until they begin to jiggle. Once that happens you should notice minus signs . Click on the minus signs for the app(s) you want to close. Now Skype goes away!

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