Peapod – Online Grocery Review

We recently tried Peapod ( online grocery shopping and delivery service.

The Peapod website is useable on iPad and iPhone devices through apps that mirror the website itself. Every item we normally order was available although we found our normal generic brands either required the use of their brand-name counterparts or a substitute off-brand name was needed.

Pricing is a bit higher than what you would find at your local Wal-Mart. We expected this going into it and our bill came was exactly what we normally spend at the store.

Shopping online also gave us more time to think about the order and we found impulse buying was cut down quite a bit.

Once an order is lined up with items in your cart you proceed to check-out where you pick a date and time. The larger time window you pick the more delivery savings.

We scheduled a 6 hour window for the next day. You even have the opportunity to go back and add items to your cart before midnight to have them put into the next day's order (forgot baby wipes! - Whew!).

The delivery came near the end of the six hour window. It seemed like it would be waiting for the cable guy to show up. However, they do send you text messages or emails when they are close to your area and when your house is next. Finally, when they arrive at your house they send another text message.

The delivery is done via a branded Peapod Truck/Van. A delivery driver unloads your groceries using a larger moving dolly to load up your boxes of groceries.

Once they get up to the door, you can have them begin unloading your bags of groceries and transporting them into your house. Alternatively, you can politely ask them to just hand them to you. The bags are plastic and branded with the peapod logo.

The recommended tip is $5 per grocery delivery.

Overall it was a pleasant experience. We felt the website could be a little easier to navigate with possibly better pictures for meat and fruit items. However, it was great to put an order together and be enjoying fresh produce the next night with the lines.

We recommend the service for convenience and hassle-free service. You can also present coupons to the delivery driver and coupon-codes online for those that really want to save additional cost.