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Slingbox Solo Review: It works!

Slingbox is the place-shifting device that allows you to view your Video source at home on any device that supports the Slingbox player software.  It’s free for PCs and Macs, but expect to pay something for mobile devices and a lot more for the iPhone App.
Interesting to note that we’ve had the Slingbox solo for …

Bit Torrent error – logon failure: unknown username or bad password

So you started receiving this message are beginning to wonder… What happened to bit torrent.
The good news is nothing.  If  you are receiving this error message “logon failure: unknown username or bad password” it’s because Windows is having trouble saving to the directory you selected.
In your preferences make sure you’re saving to a either the …

Installing DD-WRT firmware on ASUS WL-500gP V2

So you got your new router and you’re ready to get started installing cusom firmware.
First thing you’ll need to do is install the ASUS utilties disk.  The reason  you’ll need to do this is because your going to use ASUS’s Firmware Restoration program to upload the configuration.
Keep in mind the utilities come on a CD in …

Cisco Router – How to view the crash file

 When working with Cisco it can be helpful or sometimes necessary to have a crash file to send to Cisco.
What is a crashfile?
The crashinfo file contains this information:

     limited error message (log) and command history
     description of the image running at the time of the crash     show alignment
      malloc and free traces
      process level stack …