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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Quick Introduction

We wanted to take a new approach this year and provide an overview of some technology concepts or products that are commonly mentioned in various areas of IT. To start we wanted to give a brief introduction to Microsoft SQL.
Microsoft SQL is a Relational Database Management System. Relational database use tables with …


How to hide Newsstand in iOS 5

iOS is out and experienced users of the iPhone platform may have noticed that their is a new app called Newsstand that provides you with access to magazines purchased within the App Store.
However, by default you are unable to drag this application to a folder or remove it from the home screen.
There is a workaround …


Spotify US Review: It’s the new Napster

Being able to search for almost anything and have it play instantly is very very nice. (Although we are still unable to find the elusive The K.G.B.). The usability to find most artists and songs and play them in full and instantly without a upfront fee is very likened to Napster in late …


Wi-Fi Hot Spot for AT&T iPhone: It works… Slowly

Shortly after Verizon release their iPhone featuring a built-in Wi-Fi access point, AT&T announced their version of the iPhone also is capable of sharing Internet via a built-in wi-fi access point.
In order to use the feature on AT&T’s iPhone 4 you will need to have Version 4.3.3 iOS
In addition, you will need to either call …