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Black Friday Web-sites, Nintendo Wii for $79 – We missed it too

If you find yourself lost in Google trying to find the latest Black Friday deals of 2007, here are a few starting places:

While we’re not big fans of Black Friday off-line¬† shopping, as we firmly believe you can always find better deals on-line, here is the stuff we’ll be on the lookout for:

¬†Garmin or … electronic reading device named Kindle, only $400

Well it’s about time somebody got the ball rolling on portable electronic documents. The Kindle is by no means the IPhone of electronic books, but it does have plenty of features – geared towards of course.
The whole list of nifty features is available at Amazon’s website…
Here a some key features that we like:

lighter …

Cheap Garmin GPS car power adapter – cigarette lighter adapter

Why pay $30 for a car adapter when you can buy practically the same thing for $10 or less?
Currently there are a variety of options on eBay and However, they are difficult to find as they aren’t really Garmin official power adapters. Meaning in some cases they may cause your GPS to …

The big list Telco Acronyms, Telco Terms, Telco Lingo, and Telco Shorthand

Here is a list of Telco Acronyms, Telco Terms, Telco Lingo, and Telco Shorthand that will continue to updated to help you understand the world of AT&T(Verizon and Qwest too

We always hear lots of questions about telco industry terms, yes it can be confusing even if you are familiar with these. Their meanings can sometimes …