Note to self, Try Jott

We recently been hearing more and more about how Twitter is changing the world of messaging, and although we have not setup an account yet, our recent dabble in to the world of Web 2.0 had us Jotting.

Think of Jott as a "Note to Self" or a "Note to Others" - using e-mail and text messages. jott

When you sign up for the Beta ( you must provide basic information: password,e-mail address, and a phone number. Once you confirm your e-mail and phone number, you can setup contacts and begin Jotting. Basically, you call in and say the contact's name you want to message and leave a message after the tone. will ask you to confirm your message or re-record if you want. The magic of Jott is that it takes that recording you made and translates into text to be sent out as an e-mail or text message or both depending on the contacts you set up.

It's a neat service for those who don't particularly like typing on their phones or just to leave a e-mail reminder for yourself. The ability to e-mail or text message from a land line is also a fun concept.

This seems like it could be a great addition to Twitter, if only others knew of it. Digg it! :)

This may also make a nice replacment for those cassette recorders you have laying around.

Clip from Night Shift - classic comedy. Feel free to post your great ideas for Jott in the Comments!