NetflixMC – Stream Netflix to your TV using Windows Media Center

Things are looking brighter for Netflix users and Windows MCE 2005 and Vista Premium users.

While most Netflix steamers are used to watching films at their office desks and on their laptops- developments are being made to bring that experience to your television.

The project is called NetflixMC and is currently in Beta testing. The homepage for the project is located here - with ongoing commentary available at The Green Button.

The major feat here is a seamlessly integrated experience of selecting Netflix titles and streaming them instantly.

Check out the clip

Netflix is aware of the current Watch Now limitation and over the past few months has been working on partner ships to get similar functionality into set-top boxes. Click here for more on the $100 Netflix box.

While Netflix does appear to be on the right track - they may be missing the ball a bit by limiting their set-top box to only Netflix streams. With content so limited - why would they not form a partnership with Microsoft already or Tivo?