Map your home IP address to a domain name

Who doesn't want to map their public internet address to a domain name? Trick question, everyone does.

This question seems to elude forum question/answer sessions more than any other topic we've seen.... So here's the magic answer... Keep in mind this does not include how to host your own website from your home server, we may touch on that subject again later, but for now here's the tutorial for mapping an domain name to your public IP address.

You need a couple of things for this to work.

  • A public IP address, this is what your Internet Service Provider(Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Adelphia) assigns you.
  • A domain site registered, this means you purchased a domain name from someone like

In this case we'll say our public IP is 555.555.555.555 (you can find your actual public IP address by using websites such as )

Now, armed with your public IP, you can either go to and purchase a domain, or if you already have one you can go to the next step - configuring your domain settings.

First, log in to and select the "My Domains" link under the "Domains" link(farthest left on the the green link bar.)


Next, select which domain name you want to use from your list.


Now, that you'd clicked on your domain, you will see your current settings for your domain, select the "Total Domain Control", click on the link "Total DNS Control and MX records"


Now, you will see your current records for your domain, the most important item your looking for is the A record, this will be the first item available on the list of records. Your setting @ to be your public IP address. At this time you will see the address that has given your domain by default - this is what you will change.


Next, click the edit button (on the right of the screen on the same line as your A record.) And this is where you will type in your public IP address.


 In our example, we would put in the imaginary public IP our ISP gave us of 555.555.555.555, then click OK.

That's it, in a few hours, now instead of typing http://555.555.555.555 you can type in

Best of luck!