Magic Jack Review – $40 for device and unlimited VoIP Incoming and Outgoing calls first year


Magicjack Review -

If you haven't heard of magicJack yet, you should have. It's a USB device that is about the size of Zippo lighter(1 side has a standard RJ-11 phone jack). It costs $40 for the device and first year of service, after that is costs $20 a year.


In short, installs very quickly and works as advertised.


  • Free Phone Service for first year, $20 a year after that - That's incoming and outgoing calls
  • Free Voicemail (Dial your number and press *, then 1234)
  • International calling as low as $.02/minute (Calls to US and Canada are included)

Expect your first setup of this device to take 10 minutes. When you first hook up the USB device, it automatically installs software/drivers, next it downloads the latest software upgrades for you.

Once complete it'll open up it's webpage so you can put in your e-mail, name and address information(which you could more than likely just make up, however it does use your address for 911 calls). During this process you also pick out what phone number area code you would like. They don't have every state available, but most are.

Once finished, your software picks up your phone number from your account automatically again(this setup is really that easy). And once that is complete you are ready to make calls.


Want to take it to another computer, it is even easier! Install should be 5 minutes tops.

Just plug it in and it installs the software, updates itself and that's it. It brings up the interface with your number you select. Amazing product. (


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the International Rates? - These can be found on, or click here.

How many phone numbers come with magicjack? - It is one number per device. If you want two phone numbers you're going to need to magicjack devices. Supposedly, you can change your Magicjack phone number once, for free using the magicjack website - but we personally have not tried and do not plan to.

How much does it Cost? Where to buy? How much per minute? - All of these questions can be answer by going to the corporate site

Does this work with fax machines? - Short answer is no, it's not an officially supported function. Longer answer is maybe, best way to find out is try and see.

Does this work in <insert country name here>? - Yes, as long as you have broadband internet and a PC. You will have to pick a US number though.

Will the caller or callee be charged long distance rates? Will I be charged for local calls? - If you're both using magicjack both of your calls are free/unlimited to talk between each other. If only you are using the magicjack only your calls incoming and outgoing are free, local/long distance. If people try to call you from a long distance number, their normal long distance charges will apply to them.

My area code is not available, what gives? - Magicjack does not have all area codes available, this is just the way it is.

Why is magicjack support terrible, all I can do is send e-mails or use chat? - Magicjack is a very simple application by design, chances are if you are having trouble - it's either your internet connection, your pc, and very lastly magicjack. There support system is more than adequate for the cost of their product.

Does my computer have to be on to use this product? - Yes, it connects via USB and therfore requires your PC to be on with an broadband internet connection available.
I need to have internet to use this product? - This product is based on Voice over IP technology, meaning it's sending phone calls over the Internet, yes it requires a broadband connection.

Does this product work with a Mac? - Yes, details are available at

Can I only call people that have magicjack? No, you can call anone with a telephone, in fact you can also make calls internationally for per minute fees. US and Canada calls are free - incoming and outgoing.

Are international calls free? Only US and Canada calls are free, if you're hoping to make calls from your US Magicjack number to Korea, for example, you're going to have to pay an international free per minute, these are normally about $.02 and up.

What about skype? - Yes, skype is a similar service. And it's prices have come down considerably in the last year. At the current time, Skype is now charging about $37/year making it slightly cheaper than magicjack. However, magicjack's hardware makes using a regular telephone a breeze. Skype is more of an software app only, expect to be using a headset and microphone sitting next to the computer.