iPad 2 review – Why do you need one?


We received our first iPad a few days ago and our ready to post our first impressions.


This is a very slick product and while its not a "must have" device, it definitely is a welcome transition from our ASUS netbook. Those familiar with iPod and iPhone devices will have the same great iOS experience.

The interface is very very snappy and the interface is a pleasure to use.

For our review we selected the black, 16GB, wireless only model.

Why do you need an iPad? This is the question every potential customer will most likely ask.

The experience is very similar to the iPhone 4. Which is great in itself, but the new iPad specific apps make certain tasks much more enjoyable. Reading twitter feeds and news from Flipboard is a superior way to view and share Information. The general web browsing is better with a larger screen in comparison to the iPhone and more responsive than a netbook. The photo app is much more interesting to pass around between people at a gathering.

The cameras are not great, it'd expected they will match or exceed the iPhone 4 camera in the next iteration. They work fine for FaceTime and quick snapshots but don't expect album quality.

It's expensive, but it Is superior in all ways to it's competitors.

And yes this review was typed on the iPad 2.