Installing DD-WRT firmware on ASUS WL-500gP V2

So you got your new router and you're ready to get started installing cusom firmware.

First thing you'll need to do is install the ASUS utilties disk.  The reason  you'll need to do this is because your going to use ASUS's Firmware Restoration program to upload the configuration.

Keep in mind the utilities come on a CD in the box.  So if you have a netbook you'll need to get them on a USB drive or copy them to your device over the network ahead of time.

Download the firmware from from DD-WRT,

For our test we used "dd-wrt.v24_mega_generic.bin"

PC setup:

Disable able extra network connections except for the one connected directly to the router.

 Setup your network options as follows:

  •  IP address:
  •  Subnet mask:
  • Default gateway:

Next, boot the router into recovery mode

Ensure the router is powered off.  Now hold down the black button on the back of the router(right next to the red button) and plug in the power.

After a few seconds the Power light on the front of the router will begin to blink.

 Bring up the ASUS Firmware Restoration program.   Click browse and find the .bin file that you downloaded from DD-WRT, again we used the MEGA because we bought the ASUS specifically for this reason.

Once the firmware is selected, press the upload button.  It should find the router fairly quickly (3-10seconds).  Once it finds the router it will upload the image.   The whole process takes 3 minutes at most. 

 Once it finishes uploading, close out of the program and bring up a web browser.

We used Internet Explorer 6, navigate to

It may take a few seconds depending on the reloading process of the router so be patient(ours was working in about 10 seconds). 

 Finally, you should the main DD-WRT login page for your newly re-flashed router.

At this point you can enter your new login name and password for the router.