Installing Boxee on AppleTV – Your step by step guide

What is Boxee?

Boxee is a social media center that requires a Boxee user account.

With boxee you can play videos, music and pictures from your PC or from the Internet;

Think Hulu and Comedy Central streaming, playback of any video or music file anywhere on your network in virtually any file type and other A/V sources like Flickr,, NPR and BBC podcasts and many more.

you can also share with your friends what albums you're listening to, what movies and TV shows you're watching, send recommendations and more.

Boxee is designed to work with a remote control, but you can also control it using your keyboard.

As Boxee is currently trying to control its growth, logins are being given through invitation only. It may take time to get an invite through the website. Although you do have an alternative though: if you have a friend using boxee, ask her to add your email as a friend, and presto, you get an invite!


First, you will need access to an Apple Computer

Next, you will need at least a 512MB bootable USB flash drive

Finally, download the 'atvusb installer' to create your bootable USB flash drive...

which can be found here:

Note: If you receive an error while installing atvusb creator to your flashdrive you may need to use a different version of atvusb creator, for most people. Using 1.07b instead of 1.08b, solves this problem.

Creating your flashdrive should take about 10 mins or less.

Now, find your AppleTV, unplug the power cord to it.

You can now insert the USB flashdrive you created into the usb port on the AppleTV.

Next, power up your AppleTV, you should see a black screen with white text scrolling. This is Boxee loading itself onto your unit. After a few seconds if you see the words Failing or Failed, this means your install has failed, this is normally related to your USB flashdrive being unable to boot properly. In our case this happened with a SanDisk USB flashdrive, a simply switching to a Memorex Flash Drive fixed it.

Once the white text has stopped scrolling, the last few lines should say something to the effect of unplug your AppleTV and remove the USB flashdrive or patchstick. Follow those steps.

Once you've powered off the AppleTV unit and removed the flashdrive. Power it back on.

You should see the normal white apple blink a few times, then you will see the normal start-up animation of the Apple TV.

Once your back to your AppleTV Menu, you should see a Boxee button on your list of items.

You will need to update to get started with Boxee! Otherwise you will receive errors when attempting to select the Boxee or XBMC applications.

Select Boxee>Updates

Press the play button on your Apple remote on the Launcher update.

This will take a minute or so to download and install.

Once this is complete, you will still need to install a few more updates to complete your install.

Follow the same procedures as the first update.

Once all updates are complete, you are ready to use Boxee!

When you first Launch Boxee you will see a screen full of Video selects such as recommendations, stuff friends are watching, etc... press the left button on your AppleTV remote to view the 'Menu' column and start your search for free streaming media!