How to Sort Folders by Size in Windows


In Windows XP, Vista, and now Windows 7, the ability to sort folders by size has always been lacking.  Sorting files is readily available, but you're searching the entire drive for the offender of high drive-utilization,  it sure helps to know in what folder to look.

Thankfully there are a couple software applications that can help.

The easiest to use is an application called TreeSize, Download it here.

Once installed, you launch the application and scan the C: or whichever drive your interested in investigating and it begins a scan.  It may take a few minutes to drill down through your directory structure, but the idea is you personally don't have to.  Another positive is that you can just grab the .exe file and run it on any PC, making it very portable.

Another application is called Foldersize,

This gets the same results, only after its installed in allows you to right click on your detail columns and add a "Folder Size" option.

While there are other solutions, many seem to be overly graphical.  These appear to be the simplest to understand and use.  Please let us know in the comments if you find other programs.