How to: copy and paste filenames in Windows

Trying to find a simple way to copy those filenames in the directory your looking at and just put them into a list? We recommend using "File Name Converter" from SOUNDtells, this is a very easy way to just drag and drop your list of files and get a easily editable text version of your file list. Click here to visit the website.

Copy your files easily from this... to this!

and then into the text editor of your choice. This program is compatible with Win 95/98/Me/ NT/2000/XP/Vista/Vista

Cost is $29.99, but there is a free trial available.

Some good reasons why you need this software (From


  • copying File names into Excel
  • copying File names into Word
  • copying File names into any text editor
  • creating .INF files
  • creating installers
  • creating logs of Files
  • creating list of songs
  • creating a text file to store the full path names

If you find a free product that does this, please comment on this article.