Get free Wi-Fi and share it securely

So you've discovered in your area there are a few access points that allow for free internet access. You're able to connect with your laptop once in a while. You figure someday you'll read up on how to setup your laptop to work as a wireless card for your desktop PC - or maybe you'll go out and by one of those PCI cards for your desktop.

The problem is we all want our own secure network to connect our precious PCs to... Let's get started.

Actually, PC Magazine wrote up a pretty good article on this in their Volume 6, number 17, page 84 - September 4, 2007. As of this writing, the article can be found here:,1759,2171782,00.asp

Items required:

  1. Wireless Bridge
  2. Router/Wireless Router

Basically, you will need to buy a wireless bridge, which will connect to the free internet Access point similarly to your own network card, you will have the option to set it up for DHCP or static IP addressing. The bridge will have an ethernet port you can use to connect to the WAN port of your Router, which you will want to setup for the same addressing scheme as you did for the bridge. From there you can setup your network security settings as you deem fit. All your internal network IPs will use your router as the gateway.