Get Free minutes with T-mobile My Fav 5 plan and

After reading other websites that have debating over the possibility of free calls using the now Google-owned,

The most informative posting we've seen so far was from

In a nutshell: At this time, yes it is possible if you're willing to change the way your make calls.

Our test used the T-mobile 5 Fav plan with 300 anytime minutes, $40 plan - which is actually $45.51 after taxes and fees.

3 contacts where used for close friends and family members.

The last 2 contacts were used as our special numbers - the forth contact currently dials a vonage line that redirects calls to 1-800-Goog411, to have unlimited calling to businesses.

The 5th contact is to our phone number to have unlimited incoming minutes.

  • You will need to setup the Grandcentral Caller ID to display as your grandcentral number(Do this under the settings tab, select Caller ID, then select the Display my GrandCentral number; I will know if the call came through my GrandCentral number). Otherwise T-mobile will show it as a normal call and charge it to your anytime minutes.T-mobile meets GrandCentral
  • Now you place your contacts that you talk to less frequently into the address book, they make this a fairly easy process - you can download the current list in CSV format and using Excel or another spreadsheet program you merely need to fill in the blanks and upload back to your account.
  • Now you will be able to receive calls from anyone who calls your grandcentral number and it will show up on your phone as grandcentral. When you answer, grandcentral will tell you the caller is "Unknown", or if you added the contact to your address book it will pronounce the name in a digital voice.
  • Also, when you receive a voicemail you will be able to return the call for free using the return call feature in voicemail.
  • Another great feature is that you can call anyone for free by using the grandcentral webpage, select a contact and click call - it rings your phone and when you pickup you will be transferred to the contact your selected - For FREE, as in FREE outgoing minutes too!

Someday, we plan to replace the Vonage call forwarding with a Skype-out call center - to have unlimited incoming and outgoing! Of course you will need to do some extra dialing - but to have unlimited minutes to all contacts - so very worth it.