Cheap Garmin GPS car power adapter – cigarette lighter adapter

Why pay $30 for a car adapter when you can buy practically the same thing for $10 or less?

Currently there are a variety of options on eBay and However, they are difficult to find as they aren't really Garmin official power adapters. Meaning in some cases they may cause your GPS to go into a "connected to PC" mode.

For the NUVI there is a work-around for this by holding down the power button when you see the copyright statement. More on that and hardwiring your Nuvi can be found here...

For the smaller i3, any mini-USB connecter power adapter works fine.

An example of these $10 diamonds in the ruff can be found here at here.

Notice that all we're really concerned about is getting a 12 volt car adapter power adapter with a mini-usb end, which looks like the one picture here second from the left side.