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Peapod – Online Grocery Review

We recently tried Peapod ( online grocery shopping and delivery service.
The Peapod website is useable on iPad and iPhone devices through apps that mirror the website itself. Every item we normally order was available although we found our normal generic brands either required the use of their brand-name counterparts or a substitute off-brand name …


Xbox 360 S review: Fun to play, but you pay for it.

So we are a little late to the game ; – ), but we thought we would comment on the Xbox 360 S since we finally got our hands on one.
The Xbox 360 S first impression was that this is a polished Microsoft product (Not polished in the Apple sense, but still very good).
The price …

AppleTV review: Expensive, but it makes nice living room addition

Apple TV is media player for the living room.  It’s purpose is to play content from the iTunes store on your TV.  Music Videos, Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows, Music, and even YouTube content are available to play.  In addition, photo viewing is also available over the network though shared folders on your other PCs, or …

What is the Maximum number of Windows XP peer-to-peer connections?

Sometimes this question is asked in the format, “when do I need to move my network to a Microsoft Domain server?”
Microsoft has put limitations on the number of incoming connections to Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional.
Read more on the limit from Microsoft here.
As it stands, Microsoft has limited Windows XP Home Edition …