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Quick fix: stop NordicTrack BEEPing

New year resolutions sounded great until you heard the sound of your new NordicTrack elliptical es5i scraping on your eardrums?
We know exactly what you mean. It appears this excessive beeping is by design. Some SD cards(ifit) have been said to calm the beeping down. But we wanted silence without having to buy …

The digital story of nativity

Merry christmas!


OnLive Review: You have to try it

What is
OnLive is a fairly new service that could be put in the same arena as Steam ( or Direct2Drive (   Its technology is most similar to Quake Live (, which was released in open Beta in 2009 purely as a First Person Shooter (FPS) and seems to have the most similar resemblance.
Where Steam …

Gift cards are so last year… 3 great Memory Cards

While searching for gifts this holiday season we came across a few products that caught our eye, not because they were all that revolutionary, but because they make our lives easier…
SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital Card Plus USB, this is your normal SD card that you find in digital cameras everywhere, with a built-in USB …