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Quick Fix – iPhone Audio Does not work unless ’speakerphone’ is used

We have been enjoying are iPhones for the last couple of months and we finally came across one of our first glitches.  It seems when you’ve been listening to music through the headphones and disconnect them – you may lose audio through the handset itself.
Now, you’re only option is to use speakerphone only, or to …

Note to self, Try Jott

We recently been hearing more and more about how Twitter is changing the world of messaging, and although we have not setup an account yet, our recent dabble in to the world of Web 2.0 had us Jotting.
Think of Jott as a “Note to Self” or a “Note to Others” – using e-mail and text …

You need an iPhone

Yes, it has been over a month without any commentary, but if you had an iPhone you would understand.
We recently purchased an iPhone at the Apple Store along with the Jawbone bluetooth headset and the Apple TV out adapter(composite).
A call was made to T-mobile earlier to upgrade to the t-zone plan for internet access ($4.99/month).
After …


Magic Jack Review – $40 for device and unlimited VoIP Incoming and Outgoing calls first year

Magicjack Review -
If you haven’t heard of magicJack yet, you should have. It’s a USB device that is about the size of Zippo lighter(1 side has a standard RJ-11 phone jack). It costs $40 for the device and first year of service, after that is costs $20 a year.

In short, installs very quickly …