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Installing DD-WRT firmware on ASUS WL-500gP V2

So you got your new router and you’re ready to get started installing cusom firmware.
First thing you’ll need to do is install the ASUS utilties disk.  The reason  you’ll need to do this is because your going to use ASUS’s Firmware Restoration program to upload the configuration.
Keep in mind the utilities come on a CD in …

Wii Motion Plus Review: Buy it!

The Wii Motion Plus is on store shelves and multiple games have been released.  
 After playing both Wii Sports Resort and Tiger Woods 2010, the short review: this is a must have add-on for the Wii.
 Price: $20 per motion plus add-on
While the extra $2o dollars per controller does seem a little much for such a …

How to install Wii Homebrew Channel

First of all, what is Wii Homebrew?  Wii Homebrew is a collection of user created content for the Wii, with applications available such as emulators and new games and game ports such as quake.
This guide will be a walk-thru for the process from start to finish for the Wii Ver. 3.4U
First, we need two items:
1) …

Installing Boxee on AppleTV – Your step by step guide

What is Boxee?
Boxee is a social media center that requires a Boxee user account.
With boxee you can play videos, music and pictures from your PC or from the Internet;

Think Hulu and Comedy Central streaming, playback of any video or music file anywhere on your network in virtually any file type and other A/V sources like …