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Send VGA signals over Cat-5, up to 100 feet!

If you are looking to move VGA PC video displays around your home and looking for a way to do it, we recommend using the walk through at
The pinout is available on the site as well.

Looking to just buy one of these pre-made?

Map your home IP address to a domain name

Who doesn’t want to map their public internet address to a domain name? Trick question, everyone does.
This question seems to elude forum question/answer sessions more than any other topic we’ve seen…. So here’s the magic answer… Keep in mind this does not include how to host your own website from your home …

Weekend Project – Buy an arcade machine

We’ve all thought about buying an arcade game before, so here are some tips…

Think of a game that you want, www.klov.comĀ  is a great place to find titles you may be interested in
Decide how much you’re willing to pay, games can range from free – multiple thousands of dollars.
Keep the classifieds open, you can find …

Weekend Project – UHF/VHF TV antenna install, Convert to Digital TV

Quick facts:

“HDTV antennas” do not exist – you only need an VHF/UHF antenna which are very common
Those new HDTV are NOT required for the digital switch on February 17, 2009, a digital tuner like the ones listed below work fine for your existing television set.

Which Antenna to Get?
First thing you will need to do …