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Winsock fix – for web browsing issue when ping still works

Have a PC with Internet issues?
Can ping google and yahoo?
Can’t surf w/ IE or Chrome, page can’t be displayed?
You’ve tried the usual:
ipconfig/flushdns …


Dropcam HD – Review

Cameras such as Linksys, Logitech, and Dlink have been a staple for home security and monitoring. There are other possibly cheaper solutions, however, these cameras are normally easily mounted and accessed via a variety of methods right out of the box.
The Dropcam HD adds further advantages and disadvantages to the line-up.

The benefits include:
Talk Back …


OnLive Review: You have to try it

What is
OnLive is a fairly new service that could be put in the same arena as Steam ( or Direct2Drive (   Its technology is most similar to Quake Live (, which was released in open Beta in 2009 purely as a First Person Shooter (FPS) and seems to have the most similar resemblance.
Where Steam …


Quick Fix: Windows 7 remote desktop crashes

While running Windows 7, you may run into issues with remote desktop crashing.
With the transition from Windows XP to Vista to Windows 7 all happening at the same time.  Now is not a great time for new drivers.
More than likely a bad driver was installed
Try disabling printer drivers in the remote desktop options or uninstall …