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Multiple IP addresses with one network card

In windows, there a quite a few reasons to have multiple ip addresses. Whether you are setting up new equipment or just running connectivity tests.
Many people recommend setting up multiple NICs and either bridging the or running them seperately.
However, when we need a secondary address it’s normally just for a brief period of time …


Software KVM with Synergy

Who needs Synergy?  The purpose is to provide seamless KVM switching between multiple computer systems.  Normally this means having two or more displays.  The benefit is one keyboard and mouse to control them all your systems and the application also has support for sharing a clipboard between workstations – all of this works over your …


Unable to browse to Buffalo Linkstation in Windows 7

After installing Windows 7, you may have noticed that your existing linkstation is no longer browseable.  This is based on your user configuration of the Buffalo Linkstation.
To allow Windows 7 to freely access the Linkstation using explorer or mapping a drive, simply remove the user(s) setup under the Security settings.
NOTE:  This will prevent FTP users …

Cisco Router – Legacy ISDN calls fail, Call lasts about 20 seconds

Three main reasons for ISDN calls failing are going to be
Layer 1 Deactivated – Cable not plugged in or possibly a local telephone company line trouble.

Ensure the cable you are using is snuggly connected – you may want to try reseating the cord.

SPIDS showing as not valid

Need to have the local telephone  company test the …