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Straight Talk Review – It’s as bad as your current provider, but cheaper!

Straight Talk is a Prepaid Cell Phone Service from Walmart, from the same company that brought you Tracfone prepaid phones and minute cards.
Straight Talk has a UNLIMITED pricing plan that allows for data, text, and web for $45 per Month (as of this writing). ┬áIs it really unlimited, probably not, but you’re used to this …


How to hide Newsstand in iOS 5

iOS is out and experienced users of the iPhone platform may have noticed that their is a new app called Newsstand that provides you with access to magazines purchased within the App Store.
However, by default you are unable to drag this application to a folder or remove it from the home screen.
There is a workaround …


iPad 2 review – Why do you need one?

We received our first iPad a few days ago and our ready to post our first impressions.
This is a very slick product and while its not a “must have” device, it definitely is a welcome transition from our ASUS netbook. Those familiar with iPod and iPhone devices will have the same great iOS experience. …


Microsoft Sync Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Sync is available for Ford vehicles currently and provides voice activated phone and media functions as well as navigation if equipped.
Below is a cheat sheet with the more common commands. (And the Ford Sync manual is located here)
Let us know in the comments if you found this useful and what other commands you have …