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Quick fix – stop multitasking on iPhone 4

With the release of iOS 4 on the new iPhone came multitasking. A much delayed feature on the iPhone to ensure it was ‘done right’.
Now that we’ve had a chance to use it for the last few weeks, we noticed immediately it’s not conventional multitasking. Some programs react differently to it. Pandora …

Asus EEE 901 review, portable – slow to start up

Asus (pronounced ‘Ah Soos’ – not that anyone really cares) has been continually releasing newer versions of the their ‘netbooks’ over the last last year.
We manage to get our hands on the 901 series running Windows XP Home Edition.
First the specifications:

Model: EEE 901
OS: XP Home
CPU: 900Mhz
Hard-drive: 16GB Solid State
Screen: 8″
Battery: 3-cell, 2.5 hours …

How to: Monitor and Control your Dlink 5300 Camera from a mobile phone (with internet access)

This ‘how to’ covers the Dlink Camera 5300 pan and tilt which is unaccessible via mobiles due to the activeX plug-in requirements.
First this article assumes you have configured your camera to work on your network already. If not, follow the instructions in the box ;P. Also, if you are interested in monitoring …

iPhone Dev Team Releases custom 2.0 firmware

The iPhone Dev team has been working on the 1.2.0 release before it was even released to the general public. The recently released firmware tool only will work on Macs, Windows users will have to wait(or try your luck with these instructions here. Just as with the official 2.0 firmware from Apple …