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Installing Boxee on AppleTV – Your step by step guide

What is Boxee?
Boxee is a social media center that requires a Boxee user account.
With boxee you can play videos, music and pictures from your PC or from the Internet;

Think Hulu and Comedy Central streaming, playback of any video or music file anywhere on your network in virtually any file type and other A/V sources like …

AT&T Uverse Review: It’s better than cable

If you’ve used Charter, Time Warner, Adelphia, etc. – you know what we are talking about. Our latest install order is with AT&T Uverse.
First of all, this review is not complete as we’re still attempting to order the service. It is available in are area – via the website –
While the …

NetflixMC – Stream Netflix to your TV using Windows Media Center

Things are looking brighter for Netflix users and Windows MCE 2005 and Vista Premium users.
While most Netflix steamers are used to watching films at their office desks and on their laptops- developments are being made to bring that experience to your television.
The project is called NetflixMC and is currently in Beta testing. The …

Weekend Project – Buy an arcade machine

We’ve all thought about buying an arcade game before, so here are some tips…

Think of a game that you want, www.klov.comĀ  is a great place to find titles you may be interested in
Decide how much you’re willing to pay, games can range from free – multiple thousands of dollars.
Keep the classifieds open, you can find …