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iPad 2 review – Why do you need one?

We received our first iPad a few days ago and our ready to post our first impressions.
This is a very slick product and while its not a “must have” device, it definitely is a welcome transition from our ASUS netbook. Those familiar with iPod and iPhone devices will have the same great iOS experience. …


Xbox 360 S review: Fun to play, but you pay for it.

So we are a little late to the game ; – ), but we thought we would comment on the Xbox 360 S since we finally got our hands on one.
The Xbox 360 S first impression was that this is a polished Microsoft product (Not polished in the Apple sense, but still very good).
The price …


Quick fix – stop multitasking on iPhone 4

With the release of iOS 4 on the new iPhone came multitasking. A much delayed feature on the iPhone to ensure it was ‘done right’.
Now that we’ve had a chance to use it for the last few weeks, we noticed immediately it’s not conventional multitasking. Some programs react differently to it. Pandora …

Slingbox Solo Review: It works!

Slingbox is the place-shifting device that allows you to view your Video source at home on any device that supports the Slingbox player software.  It’s free for PCs and Macs, but expect to pay something for mobile devices and a lot more for the iPhone App.
Interesting to note that we’ve had the Slingbox solo for …