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Unable to browse to Buffalo Linkstation in Windows 7

After installing Windows 7, you may have noticed that your existing linkstation is no longer browseable.  This is based on your user configuration of the Buffalo Linkstation.
To allow Windows 7 to freely access the Linkstation using explorer or mapping a drive, simply remove the user(s) setup under the Security settings.
NOTE:  This will prevent FTP users …


Quick Fix: Windows XP File Menu and Tool Bar missing

While using Windows XP odd things can happen.  One of those being the File and Toolbars missing.  Normally if the Tool Bar disappeared, simply going to View menu and selecting Standard Buttons in the Tool Bars drop down would work.  However, when the File Menu dissapears (File, Edit, View, etc…) a registry entry could be …


Windows 7 Review: It’s better than XP and Vista

Windows XP has been apart of our lives for a while now.  Many people will probably still be reading this review using Windows XP.
Is there any reason to upgrade to Windows 7?  Windows XP was created to provide more security and stability – and Windows 7 appears to be about expanding on those same features …

Bit Torrent error – logon failure: unknown username or bad password

So you started receiving this message are beginning to wonder… What happened to bit torrent.
The good news is nothing.  If  you are receiving this error message “logon failure: unknown username or bad password” it’s because Windows is having trouble saving to the directory you selected.
In your preferences make sure you’re saving to a either the …