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Software KVM with Synergy

Who needs Synergy?  The purpose is to provide seamless KVM switching between multiple computer systems.  Normally this means having two or more displays.  The benefit is one keyboard and mouse to control them all your systems and the application also has support for sharing a clipboard between workstations – all of this works over your …


Javascript stopped working in Internet Explorer IE8 (IE7, IE6)

 You may notice that Javascript is not working after the latest Microsoft update or after recently upgrading to the latest IE browser.  This will affect most submit buttons, even Microsoft products like Sharepoint will be rendered nearly useless.
Here are three tips to get things working again.
Start Internet Explorer.
1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
2. …


Quick tip: physdiskwrite.exe example in Windows 7

This is a quick example of how to use the physdiskwrite.exe application to write a raw image file to compact flash.
Start by launching the command as Administrator (right click on Command application, select “run as adminstrator).
Then, assuming your physdiskwrite.exe file is in the main C:\ location, along with your image file…
C:\>physdiskwrite.exe embedded-1.3.img
physdiskwrite v0.5.2 by Manuel …


How to Sort Folders by Size in Windows

In Windows XP, Vista, and now Windows 7, the ability to sort folders by size has always been lacking.  Sorting files is readily available, but you’re searching the entire drive for the offender of high drive-utilization,  it sure helps to know in what folder to look.
Thankfully there are a couple software applications that can help.
The …