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iPad 2 review – Why do you need one?

We received our first iPad a few days ago and our ready to post our first impressions.
This is a very slick product and while its not a “must have” device, it definitely is a welcome transition from our ASUS netbook. Those familiar with iPod and iPhone devices will have the same great iOS experience. …


Quick Fix: Windows 7 remote desktop crashes

While running Windows 7, you may run into issues with remote desktop crashing.
With the transition from Windows XP to Vista to Windows 7 all happening at the same time.  Now is not a great time for new drivers.
More than likely a bad driver was installed
Try disabling printer drivers in the remote desktop options or uninstall …


Multiple IP addresses with one network card

In windows, there a quite a few reasons to have multiple ip addresses. Whether you are setting up new equipment or just running connectivity tests.
Many people recommend setting up multiple NICs and either bridging the or running them seperately.
However, when we need a secondary address it’s normally just for a brief period of time …


Find software keys that are in use on your PC

There are quite a few different software applications that do a great job at finding software keys in the Windows registry.
We found this as the easiest, quick and dirty way to scrounge up our Office 2007 key and a few others that we already had to verify.
Download this key finder at