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Weekend Project – UHF/VHF TV antenna install, Convert to Digital TV

Quick facts:

“HDTV antennas” do not exist – you only need an VHF/UHF antenna which are very common
Those new HDTV are NOT required for the digital switch on February 17, 2009, a digital tuner like the ones listed below work fine for your existing television set.

Which Antenna to Get?
First thing you will need to do …

The big list Telco Acronyms, Telco Terms, Telco Lingo, and Telco Shorthand

Here is a list of Telco Acronyms, Telco Terms, Telco Lingo, and Telco Shorthand that will continue to updated to help you understand the world of AT&T(Verizon and Qwest too

We always hear lots of questions about telco industry terms, yes it can be confusing even if you are familiar with these. Their meanings can sometimes …

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, MCE 2005 – Add-on Application that removes commercials for free

For the most part we have enjoyed using our MCE 2005 PC as a TIVO-like device for nearly a year. This was very easy to set up. We understand the phrase “Very easy” is thrown around quite a bit, and usually means nothing to most people. But for those of …

Get Free minutes with T-mobile My Fav 5 plan and

After reading other websites that have debating over the possibility of free calls using the now Google-owned,
The most informative posting we’ve seen so far was from…–cheap-incoming-phone-calls-620-259073.php
In a nutshell: At this time, yes it is possible if you’re willing to change the way your make calls.
Our test used the T-mobile 5 Fav plan with …