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Unable to search .docx files in Sharepoint 2003, requires Microsoft filter pack

If you’re a Sharepoint 2003 user you may have noticed your Microsoft Office 2007 files are not indexable in Sharepoint.
Other symptoms may include:

Metadata values for 2007 Office files are not copied to or from SharePoint list columns.
You receive no search results when you query for the contents of 2007 Office files.
Icons that represent …

Microsoft Office 2007 – Picture Manager Activation Issue – Quick Fix

If you purchased an OEM edition of Microsoft Office 2007 with your latest PC. It more than likely came with a trial version of Office Professional. Once this trial expires, you may have noticed that your Picture Manager is no longer working like it should and Microsoft Activation Wizard is encouraging you …

Sharepoint Calendar events as Outlook Reminders? Not really.

With more and more companies switching to this easy-to-use and share Microsoft product, more specific questions are being asked.
A fairly common one is now that we have this shared calendar for the office, “Can we setup alert to remind everyone about important events in Outlook.”
The short answer is no, you cannot.
There are a few …

How to: Monitor and Control your Dlink 5300 Camera from a mobile phone (with internet access)

This ‘how to’ covers the Dlink Camera 5300 pan and tilt which is unaccessible via mobiles due to the activeX plug-in requirements.
First this article assumes you have configured your camera to work on your network already. If not, follow the instructions in the box ;P. Also, if you are interested in monitoring …