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Magic Jack Review – $40 for device and unlimited VoIP Incoming and Outgoing calls first year

Magicjack Review -
If you haven’t heard of magicJack yet, you should have. It’s a USB device that is about the size of Zippo lighter(1 side has a standard RJ-11 phone jack). It costs $40 for the device and first year of service, after that is costs $20 a year.

In short, installs very quickly …

Black Friday Web-sites, Nintendo Wii for $79 – We missed it too

If you find yourself lost in Google trying to find the latest Black Friday deals of 2007, here are a few starting places:

While we’re not big fans of Black Friday off-line¬† shopping, as we firmly believe you can always find better deals on-line, here is the stuff we’ll be on the lookout for:

¬†Garmin or …

Cheap Garmin GPS car power adapter – cigarette lighter adapter

Why pay $30 for a car adapter when you can buy practically the same thing for $10 or less?
Currently there are a variety of options on eBay and However, they are difficult to find as they aren’t really Garmin official power adapters. Meaning in some cases they may cause your GPS to …

Get free Wi-Fi and share it securely

So you’ve discovered in your area there are a few access points that allow for free internet access. You’re able to connect with your laptop once in a while. You figure someday you’ll read up on how to setup your laptop to work as a wireless card for your desktop PC – or …