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Straight Talk Review – It’s as bad as your current provider, but cheaper!

Straight Talk is a Prepaid Cell Phone Service from Walmart, from the same company that brought you Tracfone prepaid phones and minute cards.
Straight Talk has a UNLIMITED pricing plan that allows for data, text, and web for $45 per Month (as of this writing). ┬áIs it really unlimited, probably not, but you’re used to this …


Spotify US Review: It’s the new Napster

Being able to search for almost anything and have it play instantly is very very nice. (Although we are still unable to find the elusive The K.G.B.). The usability to find most artists and songs and play them in full and instantly without a upfront fee is very likened to Napster in late …

Asus EEE 901 review, portable – slow to start up

Asus (pronounced ‘Ah Soos’ – not that anyone really cares) has been continually releasing newer versions of the their ‘netbooks’ over the last last year.
We manage to get our hands on the 901 series running Windows XP Home Edition.
First the specifications:

Model: EEE 901
OS: XP Home
CPU: 900Mhz
Hard-drive: 16GB Solid State
Screen: 8″
Battery: 3-cell, 2.5 hours …

AT&T Uverse Review: It’s better than cable

If you’ve used Charter, Time Warner, Adelphia, etc. – you know what we are talking about. Our latest install order is with AT&T Uverse.
First of all, this review is not complete as we’re still attempting to order the service. It is available in are area – via the website –
While the …