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Winsock fix – for web browsing issue when ping still works

Have a PC with Internet issues?
Can ping google and yahoo?
Can’t surf w/ IE or Chrome, page can’t be displayed?
You’ve tried the usual:
ipconfig/flushdns …

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Quick Introduction

We wanted to take a new approach this year and provide an overview of some technology concepts or products that are commonly mentioned in various areas of IT. To start we wanted to give a brief introduction to Microsoft SQL.
Microsoft SQL is a Relational Database Management System. Relational database use tables with …


Microsoft Sync Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Sync is available for Ford vehicles currently and provides voice activated phone and media functions as well as navigation if equipped.
Below is a cheat sheet with the more common commands. (And the Ford Sync manual is located here)
Let us know in the comments if you found this useful and what other commands you have …


Multiple IP addresses with one network card

In windows, there a quite a few reasons to have multiple ip addresses. Whether you are setting up new equipment or just running connectivity tests.
Many people recommend setting up multiple NICs and either bridging the or running them seperately.
However, when we need a secondary address it’s normally just for a brief period of time …