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Understanding Windows Shared Permissions vs NTFS Security

Here’s a run-down of what these two security setting are and some tips on how to use them.
General Information:

Windows 9x/ME workstations cannot access NTFS partitions
Shared permissions only apply to shares connected to over the network
NTFS Security applies to users both locally and across the network
When there’s a difference between the sharing permission and the NTFS …

How to: copy and paste filenames in Windows

Trying to find a simple way to copy those filenames in the directory your looking at and just put them into a list? We recommend using “File Name Converter” from SOUNDtells, this is a very easy way to just drag and drop your list of files and get a easily editable text version of …

Map your home IP address to a domain name

Who doesn’t want to map their public internet address to a domain name? Trick question, everyone does.
This question seems to elude forum question/answer sessions more than any other topic we’ve seen…. So here’s the magic answer… Keep in mind this does not include how to host your own website from your home …

Weekend Project – Buy an arcade machine

We’ve all thought about buying an arcade game before, so here are some tips…

Think of a game that you want,  is a great place to find titles you may be interested in
Decide how much you’re willing to pay, games can range from free – multiple thousands of dollars.
Keep the classifieds open, you can find …