AT&T Uverse Review: It’s better than cable


If you've used Charter, Time Warner, Adelphia, etc. - you know what we are talking about. Our latest install order is with AT&T Uverse.

First of all, this review is not complete as we're still attempting to order the service. It is available in are area - via the website -

While the online ordering seems to be the quickest route - we thought we would take the extra time to order the service by phone to ensure it is done right.

However, when we called - we were told they do not accept order by phone - you HAVE to use their website. This seemed odd considering the package we wanted (U100), when listed on the website advises to call AT&T for pricing. I informed the AT&T service representative of this and she said she still could not help me. Yikes - we're not sure if we are talking with Time Warner or AT&T at this point - they may share calling centers.

Well back to the website - this time we decided to purchase the U200, because the U100 package isn't available (their system works!).

We filled out the online forms for phone number, current address information and previous addresses - and social security number (for credit checking purposes). After which we proceeded to verify the order, after clicking next the Uverse order site advised the order could not be completed on-line at this time. However, they gave free coupon code "EXTRAGIFT" to use when attempting the ordering process again. There is an option to save the order progress - we save it.

After waiting a few minutes, we attempt to login again - it works - our order recovered. We verify the U200 is still selected and see they have a spot open for Coupon Codes. After typing it in and updating the billing - the system determines this coupon code is only valid for U300 and above orders. It goes ahead and erases my previous order and replaces it with the U300. Wow, that is frustrating.

At this time - we've returned to the AT&T Uverse homepage again - clicked on retrieved existing order, and logged in. It appears to have recovered the order with the discounts and cash back offers.

After verifying the mailing address again - the website says its unavailable again.

And that AT&T Sorry message provides little comfort considering IT DOES NOT WORK WITH U200!!!

We are unable to process your order online at this time. Please call us at 1-877-252-1717 between 8AM and 10PM EST, Monday through Friday. Mention coupon EXTRAGIFT to receive an additional $25 cash back on your U200, U300 or U400 TV order for a total of $324 in savings.

Well perhaps better luck tomorrow - we are still certain this is better than Timer Warner... Maybe.

:: Update :: Service Ordered Successfully via the website

A final attempt at the website ended up being a success. While we did not bother with the EXTRAGIFT coupon code, the almost original order(see above) for the U200 went through - delivery scheduled for the weekend in the morning.

:: Update :: Install Completed

While we had ordered the service window, 8AM-10AM, apparently AT&T doesn't mind resorting to the Time Warner 6 hour window. After AT&T's install team did not show up a call placed to AT&T determined they did not know where the install techs were. A single technician did show up unannounced at Noon. And work began.

The first tech started on the wiring and a second tech arrived to assist. We didn't feel the need to monitor these guys as we were sure they are familiar with the install process. However, when they found the area they wanted to run the cable - rather than ask questions they simply started drilling into the decorative brick siding on the house to perform a "House wrap" - which would have been fine if there wasn't a full basement in the house. Yikes!!! Needless to say, we were a little T.O.'d that they just started drilling. While it was too late to stop them from putting holes in nearly new vinyl siding - it still looked like crap and we had them take it down and run it through the basement properly.

Cables being pulled and terminated to two rooms of the house. The living room ended up with the DVR, while the master bedroom got just the receiver. Towards the end of the install a third technician arrived asking "where the party was at?" - okay, maybe not, but it did seem a bit much to have three AT&T vans parked outside are home.

After five hours, yes, five hours - Digital TV and Internet were up and running. For the most part it looks great, there are still some channels that have the washed out look that make even New Releases seem like re-runs. But that appears to be dependent on the TV Station itself.

Features liked so far:

  • TV Guide - Faster than Time Warner, similar to Windows Media Center - also video preview while channel surfing
  • TV Guide Search - Searching for programs makes it easy to find needles in this 200 channel haystack
  • Yahoo Integration - AT&T signs you up with Yahoo to get features on your TV like Flickr, local Weather, and traffic reports
  • Web Remote - This is also part of the Yahoo partnership -
    • Allows you to setup recordings from the yahoo homepage anywhere you have internet access!
    • Yahoo Mobile Remote - allows you to check recordings and search for TV shows -

What we didn't like about this (w)hole situation:

  • New holes in the side of the house - Seriously - who does this without asking? Answer: AT&T
  • 5 hour install?!? - It's a normal time frame for any cable tech, we still don't have to like it though

Features expected in the next 'couple months' - As reported by the AT&T techs (why wouldn't you believe these guys :P )

  • 6 simultaneous recordings of standard definition (at this writing - 4 are allowed)
  • Ability to play recorded programs from Uverse DVR to any Uverse receiver in the house
  • Ability to plug-in a thumbdrive to the USB port on the front of the DVR to copy shows for viewing on other Uverse users' receivers
  • A fully functional "Sling-box" style service(Demo available Now) -

Final Verdict:

This will be a fun diversion until Verizon's FiOS shows up.

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