Asus EEE 901 review, portable – slow to start up

Asus (pronounced 'Ah Soos' - not that anyone really cares) has been continually releasing newer versions of the their 'netbooks' over the last last year.

We manage to get our hands on the 901 series running Windows XP Home Edition.

First the specifications:

Model: EEE 901

OS: XP Home


CPU: 900Mhz

Hard-drive: 16GB Solid State

Screen: 8"

Battery: 3-cell, 2.5 hours hours life

Nifty extras: Touchpad, Windows key, 3 USB ports, VGA out, SD card slot, headphone out, mic in, built-in speakers and webcam and mic.

Price: $299.99

First impressions:

Neat factor - it's a small laptop!

Solid unit, able to throw this in a backpack without much worry.

OS boots up quickly, although getting started is a bit slow. Expect to be waiting for a few minutes to get Windows completely rolling. We found it much easier to just load up from hibernate mode for continued uses as opposed to shutting down completely and starting up again.

Smaller screen works - works well for surfing the web and checking email. Multi-touch touchpad works well for scrolling pages simply by using two fingers.

Keyboard is tiny! Expect to relearn how to type on this mini keyboard, sausage fingers need not apply.

Battery life drains quick, expect this unit to last maybe an hour with constant web surfing. You can definitely increase battery life by toning down your brightness settings and shutting down the webcam and wireless adapter. But, that's kinda the whole point of the 'netbook' now isn't it.

Potential as a desktop replacement with an USB keyboard and mouse. You can use the VGA out connection to add a monitor to support higher resolutions than this netbook's 8 inch screen.

No disk drive, but we're ok with that. SD card slot comes in handy for downloading pictures or moving files around.


Bottom line: This is the where portable computing is going - it performs well for tasks it is meant for, if your looking to buy, splurge for the 6-cell battery (6 hours of battery life)and take a look at the 1000h series, it offers a slightly bigger, 10 inch screen, and larger keyboard. If you're looking for hands-on check Best Buy before buying it cheaper at Amazon :)